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Klassé Machine Needles - Embroidery Assorted

Klassé Machine Needles - Embroidery Assorted

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The Klassé Embroidery Needles are meticulously engineered for optimal performance in machine embroidery, accommodating Rayon, Polyester, or Cotton embroidery threads. These specialized needles feature a wider eye, ensuring smooth thread passage and minimizing breakage. An innovative pontoon scarf with an oversized bump is incorporated to significantly reduce the risk of skipped stitches, which often occur due to fabric movement during high-speed stitching. This assortment pack includes needles in sizes 75/11 and 90/14, catering to a variety of embroidery projects and fabric types. Elevate your embroidery with Klassé, the trusted choice for precision and quality.


  • Wide Eye Design:  Allows for smooth thread passage, reducing the risk of thread breakage.
  • Pontoon Scarf with Oversized Bump:  Minimizes skipped stitches by stabilizing fabric during rapid needle movement.
  • Assorted Sizes:  Includes sizes 75/11 and 90/14 to handle various fabrics and thread types.
  • Compatibility:  Suitable for Rayon, Polyester, and Cotton machine embroidery threads.
  • Durability:  High-quality needles designed to withstand the demands of intricate embroidery work.
  • Versatility:  Ideal for a wide range of machine embroidery projects, from delicate designs to more robust patterns.
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