Master the Art of Quilting with Augusta Quilts Rulers

Master the Art of Quilting with Augusta Quilts Rulers

If you don't know this yet, I absolutely love quilting with rulers. These wonders of the quilting universe are game-changers, offering precision and creativity that can elevate any quilt. However, quality quilting rulers, especially those imported from the USA, can be very expensive. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the Augusta Quilts range of rulers available on my online store. Not only are they affordable, but they are also crafted to the highest standards, ensuring they don't break your fabric budget.

Why Choose Augusta Quilts Rulers?

The quilting rulers in the Augusta Quilts range are made from high-quality acrylic, chosen specifically for its strength, clarity, and durability. Each ruler is laser cut with precision and engraved to ensure that they last for your entire quilting journey.

One common issue with many rulers is that printed lines can wear off over time. Our engraving process ensures that the reference lines remain intact, providing reliable guidance for years to come. Plus, the engraved lines allow for customization—you can add reference marks with a permanent marker and easily remove them with hand sanitizer, a handy trick we picked up thanks to Covid-19.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Augusta Quilts Rulers

1. Needle Down Position: If your machine allows, set it to stop in the needle down position. This feature helps maintain your position when you need to move the ruler, providing smoother and more accurate quilting.

2. High-Shank Machines: Our rulers are designed specifically for high-shank machines and are ¼” thick. This thickness ensures that you can use the ruler safely without the risk of your hopping foot jumping over it.

3. Ruler Base or Extended Table: Use a ruler base or extended table to stabilize your work. Stability is key to achieving quality results with rulers. The three-point pressure technique is crucial here.

4. Flat and Controlled Quilting: Keep the ruler flat and only quilt where you can control it. If the ruler is long, walk your fingers along it, stop the machine as needed, and reposition your hand. This ensures that you maintain control and precision.

5. Three-Point Pressure: This technique is essential for effective ruler work. Press the ruler against the hopping foot, press the hopping foot against the ruler, and press the ruler against the ruler base. This triad of pressure points ensures stability and accuracy.

Remember, your hopping foot provides approximately ¼” spacing from the edge of the ruler. Note that some manufacturers may have slight variations, so always check your equipment.

different hopping foot could have different thickness of the wall making it more than a quarter inch

Left is the standard ruler foot, right is the surefoot from Handiquilter

Elevate Your Quilting Experience

Quilting with rulers can seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and techniques, it can become an enjoyable and rewarding aspect of your quilting projects. Augusta Quilts rulers are designed to help you achieve professional results without the professional price tag. Explore the range on my online store today and take your quilting to new heights with these high-quality, durable, and precise tools.

Happy quilting!

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