Quilting Service

I specialize in custom quilting without the use of computerized systems. This means that each quilt is truly unique.

Custom quilting includes ruler work, micro quilting, and feather designs. Due to the intricate nature of ruler work and micro quilting, these processes take longer and are therefore billed higher. 

To get started on custom quilting, I need to see your quilt top and discuss your ideas. Ideally, we would meet in person, but a video call via WhatsApp, Messenger, or similar platforms is also possible. I am based in Birchleigh, Kempton Park. If you're located outside of this area, you will need to cover the courier costs to send your quilt to me and return it. I can help arrange this through the Courier Guy, and Pudo is substantially cheaper.


R400 per square meter for all over free motion quilting such as meander, all-over feather etc.

Example:  Size of your quilt: 1,2 x 2 m = 2.4 x R400 = R960 to quilt an all-over design

R800 per square meter for custom quilting including rulerwork, microquilting and block motifs

Example:  Size of your quilt: 1,2 x 2 m = 2.4 x R800 = R1920 for custom quilting of your quilt

Please note that all quilting is hand guided and not computerized. Prices are accurate as of April 2024 but may be subject to change without prior notice.


  • You must supply your own backing fabric and it MUST be 4" bigger than your quilt top on every side. If your quilt measures 60" x 70", your backing must measure 68" x 78". That's 4" extra on the top, the bottom and the left and right. Buy wide back fabric so that you don't need to piece your backing. If you choose to piece your backing, please press your seams open, and have the seam run horizontal in orientation to your quilt. You can even buy a wide backing online and let the shop courier that parcel to me to reduce your cost.  Or you can use one of my zebra backings, or other panel of suitable size available from our online store.
  • Quilts smaller than 2 square metres will incur a setup fee of R300. It takes time to load a quilt on a frame, and this is to cover that time.
  • I have loomtex batting that you can purchase from me. Any other batting you need to purchase and supply. This must also be 4" more on each side of the quilt top.
  • Please make sure your quilt is free of loose threads and that all your seams are pressed. The loose threads interfere with my machine's hopping foot which may get caught and rip a horrible hole in your quilt. Any dark threads that get caught under light fabrics also create a very obvious distraction. I will remove what I come across as I go, but some may still get missed.
  • Be clear about the direction of your quilt and your fabric. Put a safety pin in the center of the top so that there's no confusion. If the quilt is square it may not make a difference, but your quilt design might be directional.
  • Ideally, stitch a ¼" line all around the edge of your quilt to ensure that your piecing doesn't come undone due to loading the quilt top on the frame. A stay stitch around your quilt's edge will help avoid seams pulling apart. If you have bias edges, they will stretch on the frame, and a stay stitch will help to prevent this. Lots of seams on the sides also strain when loaded on a quilt frame, and the stay stitch along the edge will help secure them.

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