About Us

Welcome to Augusta Quilts, where passion meets craftsmanship to bring you timeless creations that warm both the body and soul.  Augusta Quilts is run by Gwenn Murphy and is based in sunny South Africa.

Founded in 2017, Augusta Quilts emerged as the brainchild of a restless IT professional who sought solace from the relentless grind of corporate life. Fueled by a desire to escape the annual burnout cycle, Augusta Quilts began as a humble ruler label but has since blossomed into a thriving haven for quilting enthusiasts.

Our journey began in 2007 when a love for quilting was ignited by a mother's gentle guidance. For our founder, quilting wasn't just a hobby; it was a natural extension of a lifelong affinity for sewing. From stitching together personal wardrobes in adolescence to the intricate artistry of quilt-making, every thread woven into Augusta Quilts is infused with a rich tapestry of experience and dedication.

Today, Augusta Quilts stands as more than just a store; it's a testament to the enduring allure of traditional craftsmanship in a digital age. We offer a curated selection of finished quilts, each a labor of love meticulously crafted to perfection. Our hand-dyed panels and backing fabrics add depth and character to every creation, ensuring that each piece tells its own unique story.

But our commitment doesn't end there. In addition to our exquisite quilts and fabrics, Augusta Quilts also provides a carefully curated assortment of quilting supplies, ensuring that fellow artisans have access to the tools they need to bring their own visions to life.

At Augusta Quilts, we believe in the transformative power of creativity. Whether you're an experienced quilter or just beginning your journey, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the joy of bringing beauty and warmth into the world, one stitch at a time. Join us as we continue to weave dreams into reality, stitch by stitch, quilt by quilt.